Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer Reviews: I Kissed the Sun, Baby Boy Blue, Seascape, and Splash! [PIC HEAVY]

Well hi there fellow polish lovers! It's me again, back with more Lilypad Lacquer polishes. I just wanted to make a few comments before I start- yes, I am aware there are flecks of glitter on my fingers and near my cuticles. I was not smart in my removal of I Kissed the Sun, and thus when I went back to remove the remaining glitters, they stuck like glue. They are gone now, but it is yet another example of why glitters have been called by some questionable metaphors of the years. :P

This first color, Baby Boy Blue, is a beautiful sky blue with soft holo.
The holo is more obvious than these pictures let on, but alas I waited until the late afternoon to take pictures, so the lighting was not as helpful as  it could have been.

Opacity: 3.5
Application: 5
Wear: unk
Removal: 5
# of coats: 2

I Kissed the Sun is a somewhat sheer yellow shimmer with gold holographic glitters. I was really nervous about using a yellow polish, and this is a brave polish to use, in my opinion. The yellow is bright, but without the gold glitter, it might give the wrong impression, if you know what I mean.
Regardless, I love it, so it's staying in my stash :)
I added an indoor swatch for reference.
Opacity: 1.5
Application: 4.5
Wear: Unknown
Removal: 3.5
# of coats: index and middle-3, ring and pinky- 2
This was easy to remove the base polish, but without quick removal, the glitter can stick around your nail bed and be difficult to remove without a good hand-washing.

 Seascape is so hard to describe! Sometimes it appears as a light turquoise, sometimes as a sky blue. The result gives a soft, velvet-y sheen when combined with the holo.
The indoor shot shows more of the turquoise tint.
Opacity: 3
Application: 5
Wear: Unknown
Removal: 5
# of coats: 2

Last up is Splash! This one is a pretty turquoise with gold shimmer flash. This one almost feels like a jelly.
The gold flash can be easier seen in the indoor shot.
Opacity: 2
Application: 5
Wear: Unknown
Removal: 4.5
The gold shimmer takes an extra swipe to remove.
# of coats: 3

You can repin these pictures and all my others through this link here.

Thanks for taking a look! See you again soon!