Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Aly's Dream Polish- Color List UPDATE 02-2014

Well hey friends! As some of you have noticed, there have been changes and additions to the Aly's Dream Polish line. Hopefully this will clear everything up and help you know what is what.
Violet Red and Deep Plum  have been retired, simply because of pigmentation problems. Because it is so difficult to perfectly replicate an old formula with a new pigment, it is safer to retire the color. There will be new similar shades to replace them in the collection, and (as far as I know) the new colors will be offered as replacement to those who have morphed versions of the original polishes first.
If you have any questions for me, ask in the comment section below.

Holographic Euphoria Collection:

  1. Misty Rose
  2. Light Pink
  3. Salmon
  4. Violet Red (RETIRED)
  5. Deep Plum (RETIRED)
  6. Lightest Blue
  7. Light Sky Blue
  8. Sky Blue
  9. Steel Blue
  10. Deep Steel Blue
  11. Tiffany's Revenge
  12. Dark Seagreen - (processing reformulation)
  13. Greyed Mint (RETIRED)
  14. Pale Yellow Olive
  15. Bright Yellow Olive
  16. Deep Lime
  17. Emerald
  18. Dark Emerald
  19. Sugared Pink
  20. Pink Pop
  21. Neon Pink
  22. Hottest Pink
  23. Vivid Violet
  24. Silver
  25. Gold Tinged Holo
  26. Pale Rosemary
  27. Sage
  28. Peridot
  29. White-ish
  30. Sweet Dreams
  31. Berry Fog
  32. Cherry Coke
  33. Oil Slick
  34. Muted Lilac
  35. Prussian Purple
  36. Lavender
  37. Amethyst
  38. Blue Violet
  39. Cherry Blossom Pink
  40. Red Wine
  41. Debian Red
  42. Red Raspberry
  43. Super Cherry
  44. Melon
  45. Coral Red
  46. Duke Blue/Dutchess Blue
  47. Sapphire
  48. Dark Midnite Blue
  49. Powder Blue
  50. Sea Blue
  51. Ocean
  52. Thistle
  53. Cotton Candy
  54. Electric Lilac
  55. Dark Orchid
  56. Electric Violet
  57. Electric Indigo
  58. Intense Blurple
  59. Blue Lapis
  60. Navy
  61. Unbleached
  62. Apricot
  63. Bronze
  64. Copper
  65. Firebrick
  66. Golden Camel
  67. Light Gold
  68. Gold
  69. Gold-Brown (retired?)
  70. Limon
  71. Sweet Orange
  72. Pumpkin
  73. Persimmon
  74. Strawberry
  75. Spicy Sriracha

Macaron Collection:

  • Bayouberry
  • Bohemian Rasperry
  • Cheeky Lychee
  • Rumpleberry
  • Tiffanytea
  • Who Sencha?

Serenity Collection:
  • Browncoats
  • Cap'n Tightpants
  • Companion
  • Everything's Shiny
  • Inevitable Betrayal
  • Invite Diamond
  • Reavers
  • The 'Verse

Monthly "Dreams" Collection (limited edition):
  • January 2014- Garnet Dreams
  • ???- Pearl Blue (formerly #11)

  • holo topcoat
  • Scratch N' Dent
  • <3 Mom
  • 'Murica
  • Canada, Eh?
  • Custom #'s 1-12 (as far as I know)
  • Retired Colors- Space Voyage, Minty Fresssh, Girl Candy, Bubblytide, Violet Red (#4), Deep Plum (#5), Orange (#70)
Did I miss any? Does anyone have any other requests for me? Don't forget to check out my Pinterest board with all the swatches I've found with her polishes here.
Thanks again for looking! Stay classy folks.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

COMPARSION: Aly's Dream Polish Tiffanytea, Tiffany's Revenge, and Powder Blue

Well howdy, Readers.
I am sorry this post took me so dang long to do. Between work and everyday life, you know how it goes. I hope this post clears up any real questions you may have, if not, leave your inquiry in the comment section below :)

These colors really need a good comparison to other colors in other brands too, but for the sake of time and limited number of fingers, I just did Aly's for you today. I hope you'll forgive me!

All are no base or top coat, as is my M.O.
New formula Tiffanytea is two coats, old formula Tiffanytea is three, Tiffany's Revenge and Powder Blue are two each.

You most likely have the old formula if you bought it before Aly was really sick and the store went on a long hiatus. You most likely have the new formula if you bought it after the store re-opened and started doing week-long pre-orders.

The old formula is more sheer with more holo, new formula is more opaque with less holo.
All pictures have the shades in this order:
Pinky: New Tiffanytea
Ring: Old Tiffanytea
Middle: Tiffany's Revenge
Index: Powder Blue

I didn't caption every photo to keep them from being busy, and to save time so I could have this post ready for everyone a lot sooner :)

Thanks for taking a peek! I love my readers!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

NEW COLOR: Aly's Dream Polish Tiffany's Revenge

I don't know if you all are ready for this!
Here comes my second favorite Aly's color of all time!
You ready?!

I present to you:
It may look more green in these pictures, but it's actually a STUNNING aqua, like Tiffanytea's sister.
HOT sister. From the Holographic Euphoria collection.
I'm telling you all, you need this.

Blue-tint "True color, natural" lighting:
Yellow-tint indoor lighting:

Two coats, no base or top. You know how I roll.
NEEEEEED THIS. Need it, need it, need it.
Go stalk Aly's page for the restock! GO, GO, GO!!!

QUICK POST: Aly's Dream Polish Oil Slick and Super Black Comparison

Please forgive the somewhat blurry photos. I was in a rush with this one.
Pinky and middle are Super Black, and ring and index are Oil Slick. Two coats each, no base or top.

QUICK POST: Aly's Dream Polish Red Raspberry Comparison with Red Wine and Spicy Sriracha

Hey everyone! Another quick comparison post. Red Raspberry is ring and index. Pinky and middle are Red Wine (first three pictures), then Spicy Sriracha.
Red Wine and Red Raspberry are two coats, Sriracha is one coat. There are no base or top coats.

Red Wine and Red Raspberry.

Red Raspberry and Spicy Sriracha.

NEW COLOR: Aly's Dream Polish Spicy Sriracha! (AND BONUS Super Black)

As some of you saw leaked pictures, you might already know what is coming!
One of Aly's new colors, SPICY SRIRACHA.
As the name denotes, this color is hot stuff!
 You ready for this?!!

I present Spicy Sriracha, a warm, bright red. A neon red, if you will. Although there is holo pigment, as with most reds, the rainbow spectrum is masked, but the sparkle is there!!
And this baby was a one-coater on me. Muy caliente.

BONUS: Some of you may have found an Aly's Easter egg in the last restock. I have swatches for those of you who didn't find it or get it and would like to see!
Super Black is a non-greyed slick black holo.

Check back later for more posts! Thanks everyone!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aly's Dream Polish Lightest Blue, Lavender, Violet Blue, Golden Camel, Cherry Blossom Pink, Red Wine

It's my favorite time! An Aly's restock & pre-order (lasting a week) could be any moment! So, I have more Aly's swatches for you!! Keep in mind this is the second post of multiple reviews and swatches today, so be sure to keep an eye out on my Facebook page, Pinterest, and other media for pictures and posts throughout the day!!
This particular post is for pictures of colors where I haven't seen very many swatches.
All swatches are two coats, no base or top. The formula is A+, and fast drying, as Aly's always are :)

Lightest blue is pretty self explanatory. It's the palest cool blue holo.
Direct sunlight
 Artificial light

Golden Camel is a soft gold holo. I was surprised that this gold didn't look off next to my skin tone. It's very pretty.

Lavender is a cool, pastel violet holo.

A slightly darker and more blue version of Lavender (I will have a comparison in a future post), this is Blue Violet.

Cherry Blossom Pink is is one of my favorite shades.
This is a soft, warm pink holo.

Last on our list is Red Wine. This one surprised me with it's lightness and subtlety. Almost a pink, this beauty sits between a warm and cool light red. I have yet to see anything quite like it.

Remember to watch the blog today for more posts! You can find me on almost any social media under Happy in Holos or @happyinholos
Thanks for taking a peek!