Thursday, August 8, 2013

Colors by Llarowe [NEW COLORS] "Good Fortune" and "This Girl is on Fire...HELP!" Review [PIC HEAVY]

Llarowe recently released two new colors that I wanted to share with everyone. I know that my swatches may not look to be the same colors as the one on her site. For "Good Fortune", I feel that my pictures are an accurate representation of the color and shade of the actual polish. As for "This Girl is on Fire...HELP!", I think my pictures are a bit off, and that it's a bit more on the purple side.
I bought these here for $12 (15mL)

Good Fortune is a stunning teal polish with an extreme linear holographic. These pictures do NOT show off the holo well. This is two coats, no base or top.

Opacity: 2.5
Application: 5
Wear: 4.5
Removal: 5

As for "This Girl is on Fire...HELP!", this is the most understated polish. Think LynB's "So Changeable" (review to come). Not only is this polish a blue violet holographic when viewed from farther away, up close you can see the blue and purple microflecks that make it a color shift polish. It is STUNNING.
The first picture is one coat to show opacity, and how it dries to a satin finish.
The rest of the pictures are two coats with Glisten & Glow's HK Girl top coat.
The last picture is an attempt to show the color shift.
Opacity: 5
Application: 4
(my bottle happened to be a bit thick and sticky, but overall it was decent to apply)
Wear: 4.5
Removal: 5

I HIGHLY recommend both of these colors!! Go pick up your bottles in her next restock!!

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