Friday, August 9, 2013

Honey Buttons Nail Polish Custom Polish Review (Chuck vs. The Intersect) [PIC HEAVY]

So, today is a very special day for me. I get to review a totally custom polish made by the absolutely FANTASTIC Honey Buttons Nail Polish!!
She makes custom colors and bottle labels for whatever you want! Pets, people, TV shows...
...Speaking of TV shows, I requested my custom to be something from my favorite TV series EVER.
Now, I know not many people have heard about this show, so for those of you who haven't: it's about a nerd that is forced into the spy world. And of course, there's a hot spy girl.
I honestly can't say much more than that because I'll ruin the show for you.
But please watch it.
I mean, look at that face.
...Anyway, I had been a fan of Honey Buttons almost since she started, but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted my custom to be. I wanted it to be unique and very important to me. I don't have any pets, so that was out. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted. But then it hit me.
My favorite series of all time. This show was not just entertainment to me. I was there when the first preview for the pilot episode aired on TV. I would make sure my schedule was clear and drop everything when the weekly episode came on. this show was my go-to during my best and worst moments.
And of course, it was the show I would create if I could create any plot for a TV series. Other than the spy business and other unrealistic pieces, I felt like I could totally relate to the characters. Plus, there was a little bit of everything in this show. Mostly comedy, but romance (of course), action, drama, intrigue, fantasy.
I was there until it's end. And oh, that end.
I bawled my eyes out for a long time.
It wasn't just that I felt emotion for the characters and the show coming to an end, it was like a part of my life was coming to a close. It was so painful. I will forever miss that show.

Yeah. So, I messaged Honey Buttons and asked her if she would do a custom polish for me. She agreed.
But I still couldn't figure out what aspect of Chuck I wanted to use.
I already had a color scheme in my head, so it had to be something that wasn't too obvious, but would fit well with the colors I picked.
Then my husband suggested "The Intersect."
He's a "Chuck" fan too.
I could relate it to the program and the person (wink, wink).
So I told Honey Buttons the colors and name, and even though she had never seen the series, she nailed it on the head. When she sent me a picture, my husband and I had this exchange:
Now all I had to do was wait. As everyone knows, that's the hardest part.
Today, it finally came!!
And finally, here it is:
The Intersect, ladies and gentlemen. A light blue creme base with turquoise shimmer, tiny teal glitter, square teal glitter, and holographic purple hex glitter.
This is two coats, no base, and Glisten & Glow's HK Girl top coat.
Although I was a little sad that the glitters aren't obvious when I do my nails because the creme is so opaque, I'm really quite happy with this polish. Plus the formula is great, which is something I always get nervous about when I try a new brand.
Opacity: 3.5
Application: 5
Wear: unknown
Removal: unknown

I highly, HIGHLY recommend getting your own custom polish from Honey Buttons! She is SO sweet and fun to work with! I know I will be ordering more from her to grow an entire Chuck collection!!

One last thing, I really like to be unique, and we all know it's really fun to be "FIRST!!" at something.
While H.B. and I were working out making this polish, I did a Google search to see if there were any other "Chuck" themed polishes out there. While I know the search wasn't the most comprehensive, I didn't get any hits.
Which means, guess who is the first person to own a Chuck polish??
I am SO ecstatic right now. I think I need to have a Chuck marathon.
Thanks for reading everyone! Send love to H.B. for me!
And as always, stay classy ladies ;)

*All Chuck related pictures were found on tumblr. I do not claim any as my own. Any pictures can be removed upon owner's request.


  1. What an awesome color inspired by Chuck! :)

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