Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aly's Dream Polish Reviews PART 1 (Salmon, Unbleached, Powder Blue, Berry Fog, Prussian Purple) [SUPER PIC HEAVY]

MY GOODNESS, where do I even start with this post? I guess where we left off last. Here's the news you have all been waiting for: Aly's Dream Polish is re-opening. YES, you heard me. You CAN BUY Aly's again! HALLELUJAH. Her store opens tomorrow (November 6). There is no specific time, and it's pre-orders only. This means there is no limit to the number of polishes you can order, and the order of orders placed is the order they will ship. There is no rush, because she will leave the shop open for one week. So order whenever you're free! No need to set alarms on your phone or take "bathroom breaks" at work :)
Second subject: I am now technically affiliated wi
th Aly's Dream Polish. It's mostly advertising, testing, and PR, but I thought I would let you gals know. I will still try to bring you the most honest and objective reviews I can :)
Now, onto the good stuff. The SWATCHES!
All swatches are two coats, no base or topper. Application, wear, and removal are all rated 5.
PART 2 can be found HERE.
PART 3 can be found HERE.

Melon, a slightly pink, mostly orange tinted nude holo.
Opacity: 2.75

Unbleached. Think the color of wheat. A soft gold-tan holo.
Opacity: 2.5

Powder Blue is a soft, light turquoise holo. I would be daring to call this Tiffanytea's cousin.
Opacity: 2.5

Berry Fog is a soft pinky lavender holo full of depth.
Opacity: 3

Prussian Purple is a cool lavender holo.
Opacity: 2.75

I am on a time crunch because of the restock, and Pinterest puts a limit on the number of pins pinned at one time, so I will be a few days getting all of these pictures there. However, there should be at least one of each color here.

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