Saturday, November 9, 2013

Polish Holographic Top Coat Comparisons and Reviews [SUPER PIC HEAVY!!!]

I think it may be safe to say this post will be my largest and grandest so far. The magnitude of this post might overwhelm your computer, so beware. There are over 45 pictures here in every angle and light so that you can see the best comparisons my camera can capture.
Over the year I have been collecting polish, I have acquired eight (8!) holographic top coats for comparison. I'm sure I will have others in the future, but I think this may be all I can fit in one shot!
Please bear in mind that cameras still can't capture everything you will see in person, so it still might be wise to try a few polishes yourself.
All top coats are one coat, over 2 coats of Wet N' Wild "Black Creme". 

Abbreviation KEY:

GREYING: the amount the top coat "greys" the base color. "1" is the least greying, "10" is most.
INTENSITY: how bright the rainbow spectrum appears. "1" is least, "10" is most.

Direct sunlight:

Bubble Gum Fairy Dust has yet to be released. It is meant to be a softer holo, for just a touch of sparkle.
Holo type: scattered
Greying: 0.5
Intensity: 2.5

Imagine If is more of a flakie micro glitter top coat, so the greying is very strong.
Holo type: scattered
Greying: 8
Intensity: 0.5

Mentality's holo top coat has a slight yellow tint.
Holo type: scattered & linear (or weak linear)
Greying: 6.5
Intensity: 5

My version of It's Always Sunny is reformulated, so it has more holo than the original formula.
Holo type: scattered
Greying: 2.5
Intensity: 3.5
I'm not sure if Polish Addict's top coat can be purchased since I received mine as an extra.
Holo type: linear
Greying: 7
Intensity: 8

As many of you already know, Djinn is very hard to obtain, so it might be wise to keep an eye out for this one in multiple places.
Holo type: weak linear
Greying: 3
Intensity: 6
Leather & Lace is perhaps one of the most greying of the bunch, but the holo payoff is amazing.
Holo type: linear
Greying: 8.5
Intensity: 8.5

This is Aly's original holo top coat. Although the holo isn't strong, it's one of my favorites.
Holo type: scattered
Greying: 1.5
Intensity: 2.5

"Shaded" indoor yellow-tint lighting:

Indoor blue-tint "natural" lighting:

Indoor blue tint lighting with flash:



I wanted to take a few more shots of Bubble Gum Fairy Dust since this is a yet-to-be released polish, and I really wanted to show off the holo. Cameras make it hard to capture holo, but I really like the spectrum in this one. The colors make me think of those LED Christmas lights, they are so vivid!

If you look closely in some of these shots, you can see different color tints and ranges in the spectrum of colors:

I included this as a quick reference, but remember comparing scattered and linear holos can sometimes amount to comparing apples to oranges. I highly advise taking another look through all of the photos, and trying a few brands yourself before making any final judgments.
Most holo: CbL
Least holo: OPI
Most greying: CbL
Least greying: FD

I was very pleased with application with all of these polishes. I haven't worn all of them out and about yet, so I am not sure about how they wear. So far, I've had no issues with removal with any of them either. I hope these pictures help answer some questions that have been lingering in your minds when it comes to choosing a top coat. If you have any questions for me or other top coats you would like me to review, please leave them below, or send me a message on my Facebook page where I will respond faster :)
Thanks again for all your support!!


  1. Thanks so much for the comparison! I've always wondered how PhLL stacked up against the rest.

    1. Thanks for looking! I really like IAS. I think it's a good balance of holo with not too much greying.

  2. What an interesting look at all the different holos toppers out there.