Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aly's Dream Polish Reviews PART 2 (Amethyst, Cherry Coke, Electric Violet, Pearl Blue) [PIC HEAVY]

So, as I feared, I ran out of sunlight. I did a lot of experimenting with light indoors, and though my skin looks a strange color, I feel the polish color is accurate in these swatches. I will try to add direct sunlight pictures when I can.

Amethyst sits right between a light purple and pink holo.
Opacity: 3

Cherry Coke is a dark rich plum holo. In some light it will look like it has a slight rich brown tint.
Opacity: 3.5

Electric Violet is a very bright, not quite neon violet holo.
Opacity: 3

Pearl Blue. A bright, not quite turquoise holo with a creamy pearlescent sheen. The true beauty of this one is hard to capture on camera.
Opacity: 3

At least one pin of each color can be found here:

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