Sunday, February 9, 2014

NEW COLOR: Aly's Dream Polish Spicy Sriracha! (AND BONUS Super Black)

As some of you saw leaked pictures, you might already know what is coming!
One of Aly's new colors, SPICY SRIRACHA.
As the name denotes, this color is hot stuff!
 You ready for this?!!

I present Spicy Sriracha, a warm, bright red. A neon red, if you will. Although there is holo pigment, as with most reds, the rainbow spectrum is masked, but the sparkle is there!!
And this baby was a one-coater on me. Muy caliente.

BONUS: Some of you may have found an Aly's Easter egg in the last restock. I have swatches for those of you who didn't find it or get it and would like to see!
Super Black is a non-greyed slick black holo.

Check back later for more posts! Thanks everyone!

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