Thursday, February 13, 2014

COMPARSION: Aly's Dream Polish Tiffanytea, Tiffany's Revenge, and Powder Blue

Well howdy, Readers.
I am sorry this post took me so dang long to do. Between work and everyday life, you know how it goes. I hope this post clears up any real questions you may have, if not, leave your inquiry in the comment section below :)

These colors really need a good comparison to other colors in other brands too, but for the sake of time and limited number of fingers, I just did Aly's for you today. I hope you'll forgive me!

All are no base or top coat, as is my M.O.
New formula Tiffanytea is two coats, old formula Tiffanytea is three, Tiffany's Revenge and Powder Blue are two each.

You most likely have the old formula if you bought it before Aly was really sick and the store went on a long hiatus. You most likely have the new formula if you bought it after the store re-opened and started doing week-long pre-orders.

The old formula is more sheer with more holo, new formula is more opaque with less holo.
All pictures have the shades in this order:
Pinky: New Tiffanytea
Ring: Old Tiffanytea
Middle: Tiffany's Revenge
Index: Powder Blue

I didn't caption every photo to keep them from being busy, and to save time so I could have this post ready for everyone a lot sooner :)

Thanks for taking a peek! I love my readers!

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