Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aly's Dream Polish Lightest Blue, Lavender, Violet Blue, Golden Camel, Cherry Blossom Pink, Red Wine

It's my favorite time! An Aly's restock & pre-order (lasting a week) could be any moment! So, I have more Aly's swatches for you!! Keep in mind this is the second post of multiple reviews and swatches today, so be sure to keep an eye out on my Facebook page, Pinterest, and other media for pictures and posts throughout the day!!
This particular post is for pictures of colors where I haven't seen very many swatches.
All swatches are two coats, no base or top. The formula is A+, and fast drying, as Aly's always are :)

Lightest blue is pretty self explanatory. It's the palest cool blue holo.
Direct sunlight
 Artificial light

Golden Camel is a soft gold holo. I was surprised that this gold didn't look off next to my skin tone. It's very pretty.

Lavender is a cool, pastel violet holo.

A slightly darker and more blue version of Lavender (I will have a comparison in a future post), this is Blue Violet.

Cherry Blossom Pink is is one of my favorite shades.
This is a soft, warm pink holo.

Last on our list is Red Wine. This one surprised me with it's lightness and subtlety. Almost a pink, this beauty sits between a warm and cool light red. I have yet to see anything quite like it.

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