Monday, March 17, 2014

DAZZLED Holo Grail March 2014 - Aly's Dream Polish - Pinkberry

Hey friends!! I don't know if you bought DAZZLED's "Holo Grail" box, but Aly actually contributed a color to the first box ever! This BEAUTIFUL shade came from the March box.

Pinkberry is a gorgeous shimmery bright Barbie pink shade with violet, turquoise, and teal flashes and sparks! In the pictures below, you can see the turquoise, but you have to take my word for the rest, since they're kind of shy ;)

Indoor blue-tint light:
 Outdoor sunlight:
 Opacity: 3
Number of coats: 2

I know I say this with quite a few Aly's shades, but this is definitely one of my favorites!!
I will post swatches of the others from this box as soon as I receive them.
P.S.- Be on the lookout for a new line from another great brand- swatches are coming later this week!