Friday, March 14, 2014

Lucky 13 Lacquer "Dixon Hill: Private Investigator" and "Cliffs of Heaven"

Well hey there viewers!
I can't believe it, but this actually the first time I have reviewed this brand!
I thought I should explain the irony here. First of all, I really love this brand, and the maker behind it. She's super fun and sweet! Second, I have had several of her polishes for a while, and although I took pictures for review, they somehow never made it to the blog (sad day). Third and most important reason: I am a triskaidekaphiliac. If I had chosen a name for my polish brand, it would be the same. Right now I'm working on a collection of 13 L13L's (another shock that I don't own that many already!), and obviously my next goal following that will be owning 26 of her beauties...
I'm rambling.
The two colors I have to show you today are from her Star Trek collection, which is still relatively new.
Little did you know, I grew up a Trekkie. Although I'm ashamed to admit it's been years seen I've watched most of the series.

Soooo, first up is Dixon Hill: Private Investigator. This nude polish is a very soft, silky, tan-leaning creme base with a very soft, velvety holo.
It took me three thin coats to accomplish this look, and as is my signature, no undies or tops here.

Indoor blue light:
Outdoor sunlight:

While the holo is a lot more subtle, it's actually stronger than the pictures let on. No surprise there, right?
Opacity: 1.75
Application: 4.5 (the second coat I did was thin, and thus probably caused the streaky-ness)
Wear: UNK
Removal: 4.75 (just a little sticky)

The other shade I have today is Cliffs of Heaven. This is a slightly muted turquoise holo.
As many of you know, I love my "aquoises". (<---I'm coining this word. A combination of the words 'aquamarine' and 'turquoise', it means 'any shade between blue and green'). It seemed only appropriate own the first aquoise holo from one of my favorite brands.

Indoor blue light:
Outdoor sunlight:

All stats for this shade are identical to that listed for Dixon Hill above.

I am really in love with the depth that these colors have. They almost have that liquid look that jellies have, but once built, they appear as cremes. I might go so far as to call them crellies, but there's just something about the depth that doesn't fit any one description.

My last bit is a tip if you want the holo to show more: Paint one more thin coat than you would otherwise. Let everything dry, then very lightly and quickly swipe a bit of nail polish remover over the top using a cotton ball. You can even add a non-dulling top coat if the finished product doesn't look smooth enough... that I think about it, I should probably do a tutorial post to better explain this...
I guess that means you'll hear from me again soon!
XOXO- H.i.H.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I have the desire to know your technique with holos.