Wednesday, July 31, 2013

piCture pOlish Majesty and Attitude Review

I think you all know how much I love piCture pOlish, but in case you didn't, I have two new reviews to share ;)
You can buy these here or just Majesty here. Since the links are for different prices, I'll just average it out and say it costs about $12 for 11 mL.
I put these two together in one review since they're both technically flaky holos, but Majesty is really so much more than that. You'll see what I mean...

Attitude is in the same category as Ocean, O'Hara, and Cosmos, to name a few. It's a very pretty dark violet with tiny flecks of holo-ey goodness.
Opacity: 4.5
Application: 5
Wear: 5
Removal: 5
# of coats: 2
Base and top coat: none

The real star of the show is Majesty. This polish really is majestic in every way. Aside the fact it's mainly gold, there's also a somewhat pink duochrome color shift, and the entire polish is a soft, flaky holo. I cannot explain to you how stunning I find this polish.
Opacity: 2.75
Application: 5
Wear: 5
Removal: 5 (comes off like a creme)
# of coats: 2
No base or top.

LOOK at that color shift!! Pictures do not do this polish justice!!

Majesty might be one of my favorite piCture pOlish colors of all time...

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