Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aly's Dream Polish Custom Polish(es) Review (PIC HEAVY)

Did you gals know you can ask Aly to make you a custom color of polish? There is an actually link in her store that allows you to do just that! From there you can contact her via email or Facebook message to discuss the details of your order to make sure the polish turns out just right. I had to take Aly up on this offer and try a couple custom polishes for myself!

The first color I wanted was a bright, yet dark, blue holo. Seems pretty complicated huh? Well Aly did it, and that just goes to show you how awesome and talented she is! Here are the pictures-

Artificial light:
 Direct sunlight:

She left the polishes nameless, so of course I had to come up with names that reflected me. I call this one "Pacific Night". I grew up in the NW United States, and I miss our starry night skies!

The second color was a stretch for me. I'm not really a pink polish person (or pink person in general for that matter), but Julep Avery really got me hooked on neon pinks! Soooo...I asked for the brightest, most neon pink holo she could make. No surprise, she delivered.

Artificial light:
Direct Sunlight:

I like to call this one "Summer Candy", after one of my favorite feel-good songs. YouTube music video below!

This polish is SO "in-your-face". The neon is so strong, the holo ends up being more of a shimmer, but it is still gorgeous nonetheless. I LOVE it.

Another 1000 points to Aly.

So what colors would you create? Leave me a comment!

*STILL not affiliated with Aly's Dream Polish. Maybe I should be. Haha.

P.S.- I have had so many questions about ordering these colors directly from Aly. DO NOT use the "names" as I came up with those! Tell her the custom reference number (blue is #12 and pink is #11) and who she made it for (Alee). This will help her immensely. Good luck ladies, and enjoy!!


  1. idk what colors id create, but i want to have one made for my dog!! yours are absolutely stunning :)

    1. Thank you Jess! Oooh, that would be fun and unique! I'd love hear if you do come up with something :)