Friday, May 31, 2013

piCture pOlish "Peacock" Review (PIC HEAVY)

A few friends of mine recently hooked me on a new polish brand called "piCture pOlish". Yes, that's how they label their name! I promise I know how to capitalize properly! They are an Australian brand, so if you don't live in Australia, shipping might be hefty unless you shop at a website that carries indie polishes like (insert plug here) Llarowe. Be aware that restocks don't happen often, so it's a madhouse on the indie carrier sites when they do! You will most likely have to stalk and refresh the site to get what you want.
I recently won half a dozen of their polishes in their contest, so I will have more to review at a later date, but for today, I am reviewing a color called "Peacock".

I had to get this polish for a few reasons: I love dark blues, I love emerald tones, and I love peacocks. Enough said. However, when it arrived and I swatched it, I noticed what I thought was navy turned out to be more of a dark blue violet. It is gorgeous nonetheless, plus from far away it still looks navy enough for me!

The polish is a jelly dark blue-violet base with tiny rectangular emerald and silver glitter. I liked the opacity I found at two coats. As I have heard, this brand has a fantastic formula when it comes to cremes, and it didn't disappoint me when I used this glitter! I felt like it laid on relatively even, and it wasn't thick and goopy at all!

Here are some pictures in the sunlight...oooh, ahhh...

And here is a close up of my mani after two days. Base coat, no top coat.

I have since removed this polish, and I found it one of the easier glitters to remove. I didn't use anything special to do so as I have gotten jaded with using foil. I just held a soaked cotton ball in place for a few seconds, wiped, repeated, and then lightly scrubbed off the few remaining glitters. Compared to other glitter polishes, this glitter was relatively painless to remove.
I do have piCture pOlish's "Revolution" coming, so I will have to review that when it arrives.

Anyway, this polish is lovely and I highly recommend piCture pOlish based on their formulas. Let me know if you decide to pick up some of their beauties!

*As always, I am not affiliated with the "piCture pOlish brand. The contest I won had no connection to, or biased influence on, my review(s) and blog.

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