Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Comparison: Holographic Top Coat Reviews

Hey y'all! This is the review and comparison I have been so excited for! I know when I first started buying polishes, I was in love with everything holographic, and I still am. Today I wanted to show which holographic top coats are best, and if it's worth it to buy holographic polishes once you've obtained a top coat. 
Also, from what I've heard, Philly Loves Laquer's "It's Always Sunny" is another beautiful holographic top coat. Since I don't currently own it, I cannot compare. Hopefully I'll have it soon, and I can update this review for all of you.
The three top coats (let's see how many times I say that and "holographic" in this post) I will be reviewing are  Aly's Dream Polish, Mentality, and Enchanted Polish (theirs is also known as "Djinn in a Bottle").

Left to right: ADP, EP, Mentality
all are layered over a coat of black polish

As I (and many others before me) have discovered, it is extremely difficult to capture with a camera what the eye sees in person. For some reason ADP's holo was camera shy. However, I would consider it the least holographic.
Something to note with topcoats- although you can add coats to build the holo effect, the more you add, the more opaque the top coat becomes, and thus the more "greyed" or "muted" your base color or "undie" will become.
That being said, I would choose ADP and EP over Mentality because Mentality's coats are thick to begin with, and immediately dull the base color. Each brand also has its own overtone color in it's holo. I felt like Aly's had a pretty even holo, while Enchanted leaned more blue and orange, and Mentality was more yellow. For me, that was another reason why I liked Mentality the least.
In my opinion, the winner was:

Enchanted Polish "Djinn in a Bottle"
Before I leave you to explore and find your own favorite holo top coat, I wanted to show you an example and comparison of an already made holo polish, and it's base color-with-top coat rival.

Left: Aly's Dream Polish "Tiffanytea", Right: Julep Robin with ADP's holo top coat

I have found that no matter what holo top coat I use, I can never get the same effect and beauty that comes from an already-made holographic polish. The pre-made polishes sparkle and shine so much more. Not to mention the reasons I spoke of above concerning muting and opacity.
So, in a pinch, and if you can't find the holo polish color you're looking for, top coats are great. When it really comes down to it, I'm still going to buy the original beauties like Tiffanytea!

Thanks for reading! Come back often!

*I am not affiliated with any polish brands mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own. "Aly's" and "ADP" are references to the "Aly's Dream Polish" brand. "EP" and "Enchanted" are references to the "Enchanted Polish" brand.

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